• Fingal Dublin Chamber Chief Executive Update (July 2020)

    Dear member,

    July has been an extremely challenging month for many businesses in Fingal. Adapting to the necessary restrictions caused by the pandemic has required serious thought, while capacity and consumer sentiment have been negatively affected in many cases. Fingal Dublin Chamber is here to assist you through this crisis and help prepare you for the recovery. The tagline of the Chambers of Commerce in Ireland is "Advancing Business Together". Now, more than ever is the time for us all to do our best to play our part.

    Recent key updates for Fingal businesses include:


    Fingal In It Together

    The Fingal In It Together Charter seeks to unite businesses across the county in supporting each other as part of the #FingalInItTogether initiative which is being driven by the Council, Fingal Dublin Chamber and other local groups.

    Businesses signing the Charter commit to a series of pledges under the headings of Safe Access, Shop Local, Collaborate, Social Media Support and Understanding.

    Organisations who sign up can display the Fingal In This Together logo at the entrance to their business, on their website and social media channels, and on their correspondence. The logo will providence reassurance to consumers that they are shopping local and supporting Fingal businesses. Businesses interested in signing up to the Charter can sign up online for free at https://bit.ly/31G8SCl. They will receive a PDF copy of the Charter, a digital image of the logo and a #FingalInItTogether membership sticker. 

    Charter members will be listed on the Fingal In This Together Directory which will also be available at www.fingal.ie/fingal-it-together-charter.

    Fingal Tourism Summer Campaign

    During the pandemic, Fingal Dublin Chamber has been actively engaging with Fingal County Council and Fingal Tourism with a view to creating and implementing a coordinated plan to attract domestic tourists to visit Fingal.

    Fingal County Council has now committed to making a significant investment in the sector as we all try to capitalise on some of the opportunities open to us. A digital marketing campaign will run for 3 months into the shoulder season and this will support a broadcast media piece which will run for 2 weeks from the 27th of July on Today FM and regional stations to promote Fingal to Dubliners rediscovering Dublin and to those who might want a City break with a difference. We hope you can support the initiative and promote Fingal as a destination within your network.

    Government July Stimulus Package

    Last week, the Government published the July Stimulus Package, which aims to help businesses across Ireland recover & to return people to employment. The July Jobs Stimulus is the next phase in the Government's response to COVID-19, building on the steps taken to date, with the central aim of keeping people in and getting them back to work. The July Stimulus is worth approximately €7.4 billion, including tax, expenditure and credit supports. Click here to access the official PDF document providing an overview of the July Stimulus and its measures of support.

    Finally, I would like to assure all of our members that the Chamber is here for you – so please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any business-related issue you may have.


    Anthony Cooney
    Chief Executive
    Fingal Dublin Chamber