• Fingal Chamber calls for Government to advance Ireland’s Aviation Restart Plan 2021 without delay

    Anthony Cooney, Chief Executive Officer, Fingal Chamber said:

    “The implementation of an exit strategy from the current Covid-19 restrictions is urgent and critical for the aviation sector. Such actions are required to re-open and re-establish our international connectivity and ensure that the economy is supported to deliver the recovery that will be vital for the country.

    Connectivity is hugely important for Ireland, as it is one of the world’s most open economies. It supports jobs and important economic activity such as exports, foreign direct investment and tourism which all play a major role in the Irish economy.

    Ireland’s Aviation Restart Plan published by the National Civil Aviation Development Forum (NCADF) outlines a considered and evidence-based approach to enable the recommencement of aviation and the restoration of Ireland’s connectivity, whilst continuing to protect public health.

    The pathway for the opening of our economy including the restoration of international travel, aligned with our vaccination roll-out timeline and appropriate public health metrics, needs to be developed.

    The aviation sector works to long lead-times and it is essential for the Government to takes the required steps to finalise the plan and enable its implementation without delay. Fingal Chamber calls on the Government to act urgently to enable the swift recovery of the aviation sector in this country.”