• Fingal Chamber: “MetroLink Planning application is great news”

    Fingal Chamber strongly welcomes Transport Infrastructure Ireland’s application to An Bord Pleanála for planning permission for the MetroLink.

    Metrolink is a keystone project for the development of Dublin. MetroLink will open up large parts of Fingal for the development of truly sustainable communities which are built around easy, speedy and clean transport options.

    MetroLink will allow commuter towns in North Dublin to grow without increasing traffic on the roads to the city centre.

    Projects such as MetroLink are essential if Ireland is to be able to meet its CO2 emission targets as they will allow people alternatives to existing transport options.

    Speaking Fingal Chamber Chief Executive, Anthony Cooney, said:

    “MetroLink is an important project, not only for Dublin but for the country.

    “Shifting our transport infrastructure so that it supports sustainable living, and the National Development Plan is the most challenging part of our Climate Action Plan.

    “Until we have reliable, high-frequency, and high-capacity public transport systems in our cities we are not going to be able to support the densification targets.

    “It is vital that this project progresses quickly, as every delay worsens our impact on the climate.

    “Government must put significant resources towards investing in multi-disciplinary planning departments in all the appropriate state agencies. Even more important is the need for a dedicated Environment and Planning Court to be introduced at the earliest opportunity if our planning/legal system is to deliver these projects to the highest standards, and on time.”