• Businesses need notice ahead of restrictions and dialogue on supports

    Speaking earlier today (22 September 2020) Fingal Chamber Chief Executive, Anthony Cooney, said

    “Fingal Chamber is concerned about the impact the short notice of Level 3 restrictions in Dublin is having on the businesses and livelihoods of thousands of workers.

    Recent messaging from Government has caused confusion and the announcement of further restrictions on Dublin six hours ahead of enforcement has been hugely problematic for many businesses. Fingal Chamber is calling for better engagement from the government with stakeholders in relation to future changes to the restriction levels and on the development of necessary and effective financial supports.

    Businesses understand the need to keep the levels of infection and hospitalisations low; and, following further briefings from the Chief Medical Officer and the relevant government departments, Fingal Chamber is supportive of the need to address the significant spike in cases.

    Covid-19 means that businesses are operating under uncertainty and against considerable economic headwinds. Business needs adequate notice of restrictions outlined by government so that they know what will occur during the imposition of restrictions that many businesses are likely to experience at different levels over the winter.

    Half of all economic activity in the State is generated in Dublin and the capital’s commuter belt now extends into 11 surrounding counties. In Fingal, the hospitality and tourism sectors which are greatly impacted in the pandemic employ 1 in 5 people. The additional restrictions affect countless lives, and cause a devastating impact on the mental health of those losing businesses or jobs – forewarning should be given to them.

    Over the coming weeks and months, more decisions will be taken by the government in relation to the virus and restrictions. While extra business supports for Dublin are welcome, it makes sense to have a continuous structured dialogue with stakeholders who represent the many businesses and employees who will be deeply impacted by these decisions.”