• Adare Human Resource Management Release 6.2 HR Barometer Report

    Michelle McDonagh, Consulting and Client Relationship Manager, Adare Human Resource Management
    The latest Adare Human Resource Management HR Barometer Report results show us that Organisations have transitioned from a reactionary short-term planning position to strategies built on the understanding that agility is core to their business success. In many ways, recent events have breathed a new lease of life into how Organisations now see the value of human capital.
    This report is the most comprehensive research report analysing the impacts, challenges and opportunities within the HR and Employment Law landscape in Ireland. Since our last HR Barometer Report 6.1, just six months ago, we are now seeing a much more balanced approach to People Strategies.

    Employee Experience Investment
    The HR strategic direction includes a more human-centric approach to both support and drive the employee experience in order to further the long-term ambitions of the business. Expected decreased employee turnover and plans to increase headcount in 2023 paint an optimistic picture but continued prioritisation of employee engagement and employee health & wellbeing will remain key pillars in order to build a positive culture within the business.

    HR play a central role in furthering the strategic direction of the business and part of that is capturing the People Agenda in your HR Strategy and translating the business ambitions into strategic HR goals. Key insights and trends from the HR Barometer report outline the key strategic priorities in the areas of retention and recruitment and talent acquisition. This means that workforce planning and succession planning will play a central role in supporting the longer-term objectives of the business. The data from the report supports this, highlighting an increased investment in Learning & Development as an integral part of strategically addressing this area.  The importance of upskilling and training improves employee retention as well as filling specific skills gaps that might exist. By developing new skills, employees are more equipped for expansive opportunities within the business and prepared for promotions, which improves employee retention.
    As we look towards 2023, medium to long term planning must play centre stage in order to facilitate growth, the sustainability of which is now human centric. The opportunities lie in increased investment in future scaping your people agenda driving your business to greater heights once an agile mindset is translated to the work, the worker and the work environment. All indications are that 2023 will be a year of growth so Organisations that ignore the importance of human capital will suffer at the hands of those that do.
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