• Support from Adare HRM

  • Our members can benefit from expert HR, Employment Law and Health & Safety advice and guidance from our HR partners, Adare Human Resource Management.

    Adare Human Resource Management is one of Ireland’s leading HR, Employment Law and Health & Safety consultancies with offices in Dublin, Cork and Shannon. Its expert-led team understands that each of our members’ HR needs are different and will provide a tailored HR solution specific to members’ requirements.


    HR Forums

    To support thinking, reflection, sharing of ideas and best practices and planning, Fingal Chamber and Fingal Chamber Skillnet in partnership with Adare Human Resource Management are facilitating a number of HR Forum opportunities for Senior HR Leaders and HR Directors. These interactive HR Forum meetings will enable peer to peer learning and sharing through a structured process designed to support the ability to pivot your Organisations HR Strategic Planning journey each year.

    The foundation of the HR Leadership Forum is to create the space, time and environment to support the thinking, reflection, sharing of ideas, best practices, and planning for the future of Strategic HR. Other purposes for the establishment of the forum include:

    • enabling peer to peer learning and sharing through a structured process designed to support the ability to pivot HR Strategic Priorities.
    • supporting HR Leadership Networking opportunities for Senior HR Leaders and HR Directors.
    • Sharing, challenging and being challenged in a safe environment to identify and capture key elements of HR Strategy to inform future HR planning.

    You can sign up to receive periodic communications from us about the HR Forum here.


    HR Partnership Programme

    Having access to expert and practical HR, employment law and health and safety advice enables our members to access support when needed most. Ensuring your business remains compliant and also keeps up to date with HR and employment law is not just a nice to do, but a must for all businesses.

    Under the HR Partnership Programme, members can access HR & Employment Law Supports:

    Advice – Human Resources and Employment Law:

    • Dedicated Experienced HR & Employment Law Consultant as your key point of contact to support your Organisation
    • Practical, solutions-focused Advice on all employment matters - providing a solution rather than just telling you what the legislation says
    • Access to our HR & Employment Law Helpdesk to ensure that there is always a qualified HR and Employment Law expert available to answer your query

    Guidance - Employment Law Compliance to Best Practice HR:

    • Reviewing Contracts of Employment and Employee Handbooks to ensure all documentation is not just fully compliant, but that it supports HR best practice
    • Guidance on complex HR and employment law issues by an experienced team of experts.
    • Drafting and provision of letters / correspondence to assist with the effective management and resolution of any employment and HR related issues
    • Case Management of individual and collective employment issues

    Support - Ongoing HR Support and Management:

    • Supporting the effective management of Employee Relations issues, such as the management of grievances, disciplinaries and other organisational challenges
    • Operating a unique service through management and employee briefings to ensure your Employee Handbook is effectively rolled out and updating your Employee Handbooks throughout the year to ensure that they are always up to date with Employment Legislation changes
    • Keeping in touch & keeping you in the know through our HR and Employment Law Newsletters and Updates, our Employment Law Reference Wallchart, our online HR and Employment Law Webinars and our Breakfast Briefings, Seminars and Training on key HR and Employment Law topics

    Representation - WRC and Labour Court:

    • Preparing submissions and representing Organisations in the Workplace Relations Commission and the Labour Court with our experienced Employment Law, Industrial Relations and Legal experts

    For more information on the HR Partnership Programme and how your business can benefit from the expertise of the team at Adare Human Resource Management, contact Michelle McDonagh at adarechambers@adarehrm.ie  or on (01) 561 3594.


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