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  • The Fingal Chamber Council established the Fingal Chamber Community Committee in 2020. 

    The Fingal Chamber Community Committee will be composed of representatives of the Chamber Board/Council, Patron Supporters, people working with community organisations, and member representatives are chosen for their independence, experience and understanding of corporate social responsibility dimensions.

    The Fingal Chamber Community Committee will meet at least four times yearly and as many additional times as the Chamber Board/Council deems necessary to carry out its duties effectively.


    The Fingal Chamber Community Committee seeks to create a Fingal which is sustainably developed for the benefit of the people who currently live and work here, and for future generations who will inherit the region.


    The Fingal Chamber Community Committee will shape a better future for the communities in which we live and work by leveraging collective expertise and working collaboratively.


    The purpose of the Fingal Chamber Community Committee is to set out the objectives and actions needed to promote and support the sustainable development of Fingal, both by itself directly and in partnership with other community development stakeholders.


    • driving meaningful engagement with Fingal Chamber network in sustainable development goal initiatives;
    • leveraging the combined and collective pool of skills and knowledge within the Fingal Chamber network and bringing a more joined-up approach to sustainable development programmes and interventions;

    • coordinating, planning and overseeing the Fingal Chamber Community Fund;

    • pursuing opportunities for additional Community Fund Supporters or funding for the area, whether from members, Exchequer, EU, private or other sources;

    • supporting, advising and reporting to the Chamber Board/Council on matters that support individuals, groups, communities, events and/or organisations at local and regional levels.



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